[talk-ch] Project for the ABZ Solidarity Fund

Tiziano Müller tm at dev-zero.ch
Thu Mar 18 12:09:55 CET 2021

That has also been one of my worries, with a contest there will be 
inevitably some who will try to cheat. Which would then require some 
sort of controlling, but people getting disqualified if cheating was 
discovered and simple analysis on user entries might already prevent a 
lot of spam.

Besides the contest, do you think the general concept of organizing a 
mapping day/week/weekend is something people might be interested?

On 3/18/21 11:40 AM, Mateusz Konieczny wrote:
> Maybe make contest based not on direct number of solved quests
> (what will encourage guessing without survey, sadly happens even
> without contests).
> Maybe make contest based on number of days with mapping?
> Or some other metric less encouraging low-quality answers?
> Or just organize mapping without contest?
> Mar 18, 2021, 11:15 by tm at dev-zero.ch:
>     Hi there,
>     some weeks ago I started to contribute, first with the
>     StreetComplete app, now I also by fixing some issues around the
>     place I live.
>     The flat I live in belongs to the ABZ cooperative, which has an
>     annual contest for funding projects related to "living", see [1].
>     Since OSM has subprojects for supporting blind and people with
>     disabilities, and delivery services rely on good mapping data, I
>     would see OSM as a "living" related project (even without those
>     subprojects).
>     More concretely I had the idea of submitting a project which would
>     organize a contest (mainly among the members of the cooperative) to
>     complete (possibly with the team feature of StreetComplete) as many
>     quests as possible within a certain timeframe.
>     Do you think this would be feasible? Any other feedback?
>     Best regards,
>     Tiziano
>     [1] https://www.abz.ch/verantwortung/solidaritaetsfonds/
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