[talk-ch] Project for the ABZ Solidarity Fund

Tiziano Müller tm at dev-zero.ch
Thu Mar 18 11:15:23 CET 2021

Hi there,

some weeks ago I started to contribute, first with the StreetComplete 
app, now I also by fixing some issues around the place I live.
The flat I live in belongs to the ABZ cooperative, which has an annual 
contest for funding projects related to "living", see [1].

Since OSM has subprojects for supporting blind and people with 
disabilities, and delivery services rely on good mapping data, I would 
see OSM as a "living" related project (even without those subprojects).

More concretely I had the idea of submitting a project which would 
organize a contest (mainly among the members of the cooperative) to 
complete (possibly with the team feature of StreetComplete) as many 
quests as possible within a certain timeframe.

Do you think this would be feasible? Any other feedback?

Best regards,

[1] https://www.abz.ch/verantwortung/solidaritaetsfonds/

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