[talk-ch] Wieso ist Kanton Bern laut osm.org-Suche kein "Bundesland/-staat" sondern eine "Landesgrenze"?

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 21 22:46:40 CET 2020

Le 21.02.20 à 21:54, Sarah Hoffmann a écrit :
> Wenn es eine place-Node für den Kanton
> Bern gibt

I didn't quite understand why the presence of a place=* on the label
node changes the classification of the relation.
Shouldn't there be a list (by country) easily retrievable by the
datausers that says: in switzerland administrative boundary
admin_level=4 is place=state?
these half-used half-unused label roles is imho a horror (not to mention
the duplicated translations that end up being out of sync between the 2)

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