[talk-ch] Communes fusionnées et tag place=village

Jonathan Masur jmasur at bluewin.ch
Fri Oct 26 23:02:41 CEST 2018

Hello Simon and everyone,

Municipalities are already tagged with boundary=administrative and 
admin_level=8. There is no need to tag them a second time with a node 
with place=municipality, that would be redundant. If anything, a 
place=label node could be added in the existing relations.

In regard to ele tag, this should only be applied to nodes where we know 
for sure where the data elevation is from. In the past, when undoing 
Donovalny's changes, I unfortunately copied the "ele" tag from his fake 
villages to the boundary, as I did not understand what this tag was and 
it is good practice on OSM to not remove tags we don't understand. 
However now that I understood it is elevation, and that this is simply 
copied from Wikipedia, I do not think it should stand on municipality 
relations, as it does not make any sense to have elevation of more than 
one node.

Even if the data such as elevation or population from Wikipedia would be 
legal to use (I don't think that's the case) it would need to be 
auto-updated or machine-assisted updated. It does not make sense to have 
people regularly copying data from Wikipedia as the population increase. 
Using directly the source Wikipedia uses to know the population and 
elevation makes much more sense.

Best regards,

Jonathan Masur
Rue du Bourg 18
1071 Chexbres

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