[talk-ch] User that used SwissTopo maps to add/update data in OSM

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Tue May 15 16:55:11 CEST 2018

Le 15. 05. 18 à 16:20, Hikerus a écrit :
> So its a little bit more clear: Everything you see (eg. house, street,
> river) you can add - but additional data from an other source (eg.
> height) isn't allowed.


> My village had the wrong postal code in OSM map - so I corrected it. 
> But the copyright of postal codes is by Swiss Post. So I did it wrong - 
> I have to change back to the wrong one?

You can always edit the map with source="local knowledge", this mean 
that if YOU known or if you ask a local inhabitant that known the info, 
using this knowledge in stead of a survey is allowed.
but of course local knowledge only work for a small amount of data.
For example, you cannot claim to know the latitude and longitude of an 
object with 5 digits behind the decimal point.
For sure you known the postal code of your house, your street and your 
village, maybe not for a whole district, Of course not for the whole canton.
So if you have fixed the postal_code on the boundary relation of your 
village, it's fine, no need to revert.
if you have put the correct source in the changeset, it's a perfect 5 
stars changeset :)
if not, you can add a comment on your own previous changeset if you want 
to inform other people who might ask the question, it is not very 
serious, the important thing is to take it into account for next time.


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