[talk-ch] User that used SwissTopo maps to add/update data in OSM

Raphael Das Gupta lists.openstreetmap.ch at raphael.dasgupta.ch
Tue May 15 16:34:49 CEST 2018

Hallo Hikarus

On 15.05.2018 16:20, Hikerus wrote:
> But the copyright of postal codes is by Swiss Post.
Postal codes per se are probably not copyrightable or otherwise legally 
protectable. A list/database of postal codes might be protectable, though.

> So I did it wrong
Not necessarily. What was your source for this change? Your local 
knowledge (because you're one of the people receiving letters there)? 
Then everything is fine. (Except that the postal code might not be valid 
for the whole village, but that is a correctness issue, not a legal one.)

If however your source was a copyrighted or otherwise protected database 
or list, be it by Swiss Post or anyone else, then the situation would 

How can you determine what your source was? Well, did you have to 
actually look up your postal code somewhere, or did you already know it 
due to regular usage?

> I have to change back to the wrong one?
No, that'd be pointless, as potentially illegally copied information 
would remain in OSM's history. The data working group (DWG) 
<https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Data_Working_Group> of the 
OpenStreetMap Foundation can redact such legally problematic changes if 
necessary, which will remove the information in question also from the 

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