[talk-ch] Mobility Cooperative Data 'Import' Action 1Q 2018

Stefan Keller sfkeller at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 23:47:08 CET 2018

Liebe alle

Thanks, Simon!

Since we (I) got a new dataset (~1500 stations) from Mobility
cooperative with apropriate allowance it's time to define a small data
'import' action. To remember: Goal is to do a computer-aided 'import',
i.e. the update and integration action of Mobility Cooperative data of

I first report what we've done so far and then I explain, how mappers
can support this action.

* I've opened a wiki page about "Mobility Cooperative" [1].
* I've changed some nodes (locations, Mobility stations) which had tag
amenity=car_rental instead amenity=car_sharing.
* I've setup a website to validate all detected and planned changes
(415 nodes/locations/stations) with the help of my coworker and the
nice sw OSM_Conflator/cf_audit .

What you mappers now can do next, is to validate the planned changes
(<415 nodes) by looking at
https://cfaudit.nicj.ch/project/Mobility%20Update > "Validate the

1. It's real data but nothing is changed yet in the OSM database. The
output of your validation goes to a JSOM dataset which will be
uploaded at once later through JOSM with a dedicated OSM account.
2. There are mainly two cases when you validate (~200 nodes each): A.
"Create new node" and B. "Update tags on a point".
3. In case "Update tags on a point" you have to click on the (small)
tag change to "Mobility Cooperative" and can't move the node. In case
you recognize that the location of the stations needs to be check pls.
fill in "Value for the fixme tag" e.g. with "Check location".
4. In case "Create new node" there's also often unclear from the
imagery and the remarks (i.e. the description coming from the original
Mobility dataset). So you can also fill in the fixme tag" with "Check
5. Click "Good" - or if unsure Skip.

Pls. feel free to ask here if you have questions.

One thing remains: Is there a volunteer mapper who want's to take over
the task (and responsibility) to open a dedicated account for this
import and do the final JOSM validate and upload task?

Yours, Stefan

[1] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Switzerland/Mobility_Cooperative

Am 28. Februar 2018 um 13:15 schrieb Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch>:
> Da eigentlich nur zustimmende Stimmen zu vernehmen waren, habe ich jetzt in
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/56753970#map=8/46.883/8.184 die note
> tags bei 1'270 Objekten entfernt.
> Ich habe das ganze stichprobenartig noch nach kontrolliert, aber es schadet
> nichts wenn ihr eure lokalen Standorte nochmals kurz angeschaut
> Simon
> Am 28.10.2017 um 16:28 schrieb Simon Poole:
> Vor mehreren Jahren wurden Die Mobility Standort in der Schweiz nach OSM
> importiert, die Geschichte und die Irrungen und Wirrungen darum sind
> aber nicht um was es geht. Sondern all die ehemals importierten
> Standorte haben noch die folgende Tags
> note:de     Mobility Standorte werden automatisch in OSM importiert durch
> Benutzer Teddych. Ändern Sie die Daten nicht in OSM, sondern melden Sie
> Änderungen direkt an Mobility.
> note:en     Mobility stations will be imported into OSM automatically by
> user Teddych. Do not update them in OSM, report changes to Mobility
> directly.
> note:fr     Mobility emplacements sont importer automatiquement dans OSM.
> Annoncez des changement direct à Mobility.
> Die Tags waren vermutlich nie wirklich sinnvoll, jetzt treffen sie aber
> definitiv nicht mehr zu und halten möglicherweise Mapper davon ab die
> Daten zu verbesseren.
> Ich wäre dafür diese Tags ersatzlos zu entfernen.
> Simon
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