[talk-ch] Proposed mechanical edit: fountain names/descriptions in Bern

michael spreng mailinglist at osm.datendelphin.net
Tue Jul 10 19:02:12 CEST 2018

Hi Beat

Thank you for your post. I have no experience with wikidata, so I am
happy that more knowledgable people give their comments :) however I
still have a comment regarding OSM iD:

On 10/07/18 10:13, Estermann Beat wrote:
> What we are missing right now in Wikidata is a property to refer to the OSM node ID. I have therefore submitted a property proposal:
> https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Property_proposal/Authority_control#OSM_node_ID
> Feel free to add more examples and endorse the proposal. Creation of the property should take about 2 weeks.
I am pretty sure that has been discussed, and the Problem is that OSM
does not provide stable IDs. So the way to link wikidata with OSM is
either with the wikidata tag in OSM, or via coordinates (OSM fountain
the closest to the coordinate in wikidata).

Also for the license issue, you can only use the data for both OSM and
wikidata if you know the underlying source and the source is compatible
with both.

By the way, survey in OSM context means the mapper was there, in person,
and mapped the fountain. Read the name plate, or whatever other
information was gathered on site. Publications as sources are rare for
OSM again because of licensing problems.


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