[talk-ch] Same procedure as last year... (municipality mergers 2019)

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Mon Dec 17 14:40:06 CET 2018

Yes, a new year is approaching with alarming speed, as every year since
we imported the municipal administrative boundaries we will update them
on the 1.1. or soon after. I've prepared (again as always) a list to
facilitate splitting the work up: 


  * the list was based on information from the BfS from September 20th,
    it has been known (in 2017 for example)  for a last minute update to
    turn up
  * what exactly is happening in Kallnach seems to be unclear, does
    anybody local know? Otherwise I suspect that there will be a last
    minute update, see above :-)
  * the number of changes is very low this year, please do not commit
    any changes before the 1st of January, the work can easily be done
    in an hour.

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