[talk-ch] Elvis Mehic and tourism=attractions

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Wed Apr 11 09:44:45 CEST 2018


Maps.me allow easily to add addr:housenumber to an existing building.
it's why Elvis's edit for exiting buiding are fine.

but if the building doesn't exist in osm, you can add a misssing object, 
but the building in not in the type list.
That probably explains why Elvis chose a fake attraction tag
however, even in this case, it was possible to put the house number
in addr:housenumber
I don't know why he decided to put the housenumber in the name filed in 
case of a missing building.
the same for street name :
maps.me doesn't allow to edit street name.
but you can send a "message to a osm moderator" (I suppose a note)
with the correct street name in stead of putting this into the name of a 


Le 11. 04. 18 à 08:40, _ dikkeknodel a écrit :
> Oops, to fast with the Send E-mail shortkey…
> It makes me wonder if MAPS.me interface is very vague when editing, so 
> it is not clear what you are actually doing.
> Cheers,
> dikkeknodel
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> *Onderwerp:* Re: [talk-ch] Elvis Mehic and tourism=attractions
> Hi,
> I just noticed that Elvis also did some edits in the correct way.
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/101690721 a addr:housenumber tag was 
> added correctly, but then in the same edit there are also quite some 
> attractions.
> That makes me wonder if you
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> *Onderwerp:* Re: [talk-ch] Elvis Mehic and tourism=attractions
> Here is the overpass query :
> https://overpass-turbo.eu/s/xLV
> hit "run" and then "show the map"
> click on a objet, edit yith your favorite editor.
> fix it in your editor :) also check/closed related notes if any.
> ~2 min later, the issue you have fixed 'll not be display anymore if you
> run "run" again in overpass turbo
> Le 10. 04. 18 à 17:35, _ dikkeknodel a écrit :
>> I think we should give it a try at least. I am willing to work on it.
>> Cheers,
>> dikkeknodel
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>> *Onderwerp:* Re: [talk-ch] Elvis Mehic and tourism=attractions
>> Hi
>> We have our instance at https://tasks.osm.ch/
>> But I'm not sure if we find enough people helping to clean this up. I
>> can help load the data into the tasking manager if there is enough
>> interest. I can also try to come up with an overpass query first. That
>> might be already enough to get people input to clean it up.
>> Michael
>> On 06/04/18 10:01, _ dikkeknodel wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> The block has been active for 8 days now, but no reply from Elvis so far.
>>> I think Elvis’ input is relevant information in general, it just needs
>>> to be interpreted and processed. I’ve been working with HOT the last
>>> week and find their Task Manager quite useful. It will however not be
>>> useful to distribute this work, since it is not certain areas that need
>>> to be sieved through, but changesets.
>>>   * Is any of you familiar with a task manager that can help with
>>>     changesets as tasks?
>>>   * An alternative would be to use the changeset comments, but it is
>>>     very hard to get an overview of what is done in that case.
>>>   * Potentially an Overpass Turbo query looking to data last edited by
>>>     Elvis could also help, although I am not yet completely familiar
>>>     with what Overpass can and cannot do.
>>> Cheers,
>>> dikkeknodel
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>>> *Onderwerp:* Re: [talk-ch] Elvis Mehic and tourism=attractions
>>> Hello,
>>> Le 29. 03. 18 à 09:29, _ dikkeknodel a écrit :
>>>> Would the next step be to inform the Data Working Group or is 
>>>> there more I can do?
>>> I don't get any reply too.
>>> I just send a request to DWG for a tmp block to force him to read
>>> his message (maps.me does not seem to inform the user that he has
>>> a message waiting and the email may be in spam folder)
>>>> the correct way to put this relevant info in OSM.
>>> the question is, what do we do with the 436 mistakes ?
>>> I mentioned it in January, but no one expressed an opinion.
>>> asking him to correct everything will be difficult for a beginner.
>>> especially since maps.me is not the best editor to add a missing
>>> building for example.
>>> We can also delete all this information, but we're losing data.
>>> We can also correct ourselves, it allows at the same time to close
>>> notes that some have created to report the mistake
>>> PS: if you need help to talk with him in French, tell me.
>>> Regards,
>>> Marc

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