[talk-ch] Pls, don't delete sidewalks, visual impaired people might use them

Selfish Seahorse selfishseahorse at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 12:20:31 CEST 2017

Hi Andreas

> As you might have noticed, there are several ways to map a sidewalk.
> Either as a as refinement to a highway or as a separate way. These are
> facts:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Sidewalk
> So, instead of "solving a problem" by deleting an existing sidewalk and
> adding a tag to the street, you could as well have fixed the wrong or
> missing tags and leave the sidewalk.

Yes, I know perfectly well. As you wrote: either ... or, but not both
of it. I'm wondering how you fix a road tagged with sidewalk=* plus a
separate parallel sidewalk without deleting anything?

> Finally Selfish Seahorse, just for your information, the Vermessungsamt
> der Statdt Bern displays/renders the Trottoirs all over the place of the
> city of Bern as well. Thus, I don't think that mapping sidewalks
> separately from the street, is so wrong.
> http://map.bern.ch/stadtplan/?grundplan=av_farbig&koor=2601047,1199101&zoom=5&hl=0&layer=

They display all the sidewalks only on the plot map (Parzellenplan),
not on the city map. On the latter, the sidewalk is only mapped if
there is a barrier between the road and the sidewalk (which
corresponds to the recommendation on our wiki).

> Fully agree. In Bern these is most of the time done by sidewalks.

If this is general opinion, it would be best to add this information
to the [local tagging

> No, map users in front of a screen (laptop or smart-phone) will see only
> a street. And no Trottoir (sidewalk) at all.

That's only true for the standard layer, but the sidewalks can be
displayed too, like on this [ITO
map](http://product.itoworld.com/map/126). An option displaying them
could be added to the main page.

The question is: are OSM (or Maps.me etc.) users interested in seeing
this information by default or don't they find it distracting (because
it makes the map look cluttered)?

> Sidewalks have sometimes different surface than the street...

This can be handled with sidewalk:*:surface=*. It is even possible to
add width and kerb information.



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