[talk-ch] Public transport: didok update

Michael Spreng mailinglist at osm.datendelphin.net
Thu Feb 6 09:14:26 CET 2014

Am 05.02.2014 23:26, schrieb Thorsten Kurz:
> Hi Michael,
> I'd like find out whether the current UIC number in OSM (8588433) of
> these four unconnected bus stops (all named "Bessières) is just missing
> in the DIDOK list or if it was dropped from DIDOK and replaced by the
> one of the metro station "Bessières" (8589523).
> That's why I'm wondering how to match a real bus stop with the UIC 
> names
> and numbers in the DIDOK list. Are the UIC names unique too? Could I
> conclude from the fact that the bus stops and the metro station are all
> called "Bessières" that they must share the same UIC ref too?
> Thorsten

Hi Thorsten

In respect to uic_ref and uic_name we relied on the didok list 
completely. If there is an actual bus stop on the ground, we matched it 
with the most likely didok stop and took the uic_ref and uic_name from 
that one.

In the case of Bessières, it seems they removed a distinct uic for the 
bus stops. Interestingly, they just did the opposite in Zurich: 
Hardbruecke has distinct uics for the bus stop and the train station.

As an alternative source of information I can recommend the SBB time 
table. Unfortunately it doesn't display the uic, but the names usually 
match uic_name.

I think UIC names are unique. See 
http://www.cadastre.ch/internet/cadastre/de/home/docu/publication/p096.html with rules about how to write stop names. But unfortunately you can't survey UIC names on the ground, only the names.

I would attach the bus stops to the metro station, because it's the 
closest match in DIDOK.


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