[talk-ch] Overlapping highways from a new mapper

Thorsten Kurz tkurz at gmx.net
Mon Feb 24 14:15:25 CET 2014


We do have a new mapper who is very enthusiastic about adding missing
names to highways. Unfortunately he or she does this by drawing new
highways on top the the existing ones, which leads to lots of
overlapping and badly connected highways like here around Grandvaux:


Saturday I contacted Correia_TL about the problem and I've started to
clean up things around Lausanne. So far I have no answer, but he started
editing again. In the last days Correia_TL created plenty of overlapping
highways in Moudon (so far visible only in the JOSM validator).

I appreciate Correia_TL's enthusiasm and believe that he is acting with
the best intentions. But what can we do to make sure that he is learning
to use the ID editor properly and what would be the most efficient way
to clean up all the errors that he has created so far?

Thorsten (Shernott)

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