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Can anybody help this young lady?


(no, I don't think it's a fake)

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   1. PhD / collaboration (Eva Cellina)


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Dear Sir or Madam,

I have graduated from the University of Geneva with a Bachelor and a
Master of Laws. In April, I'm goin to start my PhD in Geneva and I would
like to write about open licensing, copyright/copyleft, creative commons...
I have a stong interest for IP in general; I study IP a semester at the
Humboldt University in Berlin and participated in the WIPO summerschool
last summer, where I learned about CC.

I tried to contact CC switzerland several times but it has been
unsuccessful. I am from Tessin and live in Geneva and would love to
contribute to and be a part of your organisation if you are interessed.

I was also wondering if you might have any idea of a current problematic
legal situation with open licencing or CC ? I want to write a thesis
that would be as useful as possible and which could bring answers to a
current problem in Switzerland and swiss law.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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