[talk-ch] Update GWR Street Name List

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Wed Jun 26 10:04:52 CEST 2013

>From the wiki page:

*the numbers take the following OSM keys in to account: name, name:de,
name:fr, name:it, name:rm, alt_name, official_name, short_name,
name:left and name:right on ways and polygons with a highway tag and on
nodes and polygons with a place tag. It currently does not use named
landuse features.

It also does not consider names on buildings or other potentially named
features (guide posts would be the obvious example).

The reason for this behaviour are mostly philosophical. it is not the
point of the check to find every potential sensible occurrence of a name
as a search function would (for example what nominatim does), so it
simply checks on objects that have a high likelihood of being supported
by all applications (for example on a car navigation device). 

Getting back to your example: the supported way of tagging the farm
would be to add a place node with place=farm, name=Flue  (this will
rendered in the standard style and it is unlikely that a farm is just a
single building in the first place).


Am 26.06.2013 08:00, schrieb Andrew Lunn:
>> In any case I would like to again ask for everybody to participate in
>> improving our name coverage as far as possible, while it is true that
>> getting the last 10 to 20% right is sometimes difficult, getting to the
>> 805 mark is typically very easy.
> Hi Simon
> Could you explain how the name matching works. I have a few cases in
> the area i map where names are present on the map, yet they are not
> getting matched and appear in the list.
> Most appear to be farm building. e.g. In Gelterkinden, BL:
> http://qa.poole.ch/ch-roads/BL/2846.html
> Flue is listed, but this is on the map, as a farm building. If you put
> "Flue, Gelterkinden" directly into the OSM search dialog box, it takes
> you there.
>     Thanks
> 	Andrew
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