[talk-ch] osm.ch launched

Patrick Stählin patrick.staehlin at sosm.ch
Thu Jun 13 13:17:30 CEST 2013


The technical team of SOSM has launched osm.ch [1][2]. This will be the 
home of all services provided by SOSM to assist mappers in Switzerland.

The services currently running on osm.ch are:

* An up-to-date extract on http://planet.osm.ch
* Hourly diffs for Switzerland on http://planet.osm.ch/replication
* Overpass API for Switzerland on http://overpass.osm.ch
* Routing for pedestrians, cars and cyclists on http://routing.osm.ch

[1] http://osm.ch
[2] http://sosm.ch/osm-ch-launched/


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