[talk-ch] bike and pedestrian routing for Switzerland

Philipp Schultz swissoptimist at gmx.ch
Sat Oct 27 20:34:21 CEST 2012


I have tried to route my usual bike trips between work at Bern and
home at Biel/Bienne
and I am impressed by the quality of the routing. Even as indigenous biker
I got a few useful hints for alternative routes. I think that tool is
already a very useful planning help.

To increase the comfort for bikers, the routing algorithm should take in
account elevation, meaning if there is a route around a hill I would prefer
a few km more than 100 m elevation. This may also be realised with a
diferentiated speed scale like:
+-3%     28 kmh
+5%      20 kmh
+8%      15 kmh
-5%       35 kmh
-8%       50 kmh

Since bikers have quite different requirements regarding pavement - I have
a bike (Tourenrad / vélo de randonée) that fits to any pavement but single
trails only descending -  this should be a setting like
 road (only paved)
 touring (paved unpaved including tracks and easy trails)
 mountain bike (only trails)


2012/10/27 Michel Schinz <michel.schinz at gmail.com>

> On Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 4:45 PM, datendelphin
> <mailinglist at osm.datendelphin.net> wrote:
> > For paths, could the sac_scale tag maybe be used? if sac scale is
> > mountain_hiking or more, don't use it for the bike profile.
> Right, and according to the document Sarah put on the wiki
> (https://github.com/lonvia/cbf-routing-profiles/wiki/Profiles), this
> is already done: everything that has a sac_scale tag is considered
> unroutable. The path I mentioned in my example doesn't have that tag,
> and I could indeed simply add it. That would solve that particular
> problem, but I'm wondering whether this solution isn't a bit
> fragile... Anyway, I don't have something much better to suggest for
> now...
> Thanks,
> Michel.
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