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Sun Nov 11 23:36:31 CET 2012

Dear all

The designation of geographic place names is very well regulated. Although
there are sometimes deviations for historical and other reasons. And there
are even lively discussions between historicians, linguists and others.

This is the official page about geographic names:

And this is an inofficial - but at least for German very up-to-date - Wiki
page about almost all questions around geographic names:

If there is any specific question I can forward them to experts in german
and french at Swisstopo.


2012/11/9 Michael Kleidt <m_kleidt at bluewin.ch>

>  In Winterthur is a strange case:
>   Hessengütlistrasse road Hessengüetlistrasse
> The street signs on both ends of the street are showing
> "Hessengüetlistrasse".
> The near hotel is named 'Hotel Hessengüetli' and is in the 'Im
> Hessengüetli' street.
> Is this a typo in the offical Data? Should I tag it with
> official_name=Hessengütlistrasse ?
> Regards
> mdk
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