[talk-ch] Street name comparison for all of Switzerland

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Fri Nov 9 11:19:41 CET 2012

Am 09.11.2012 10:13, schrieb Fred Jelk:
> Hi Simon,
> o.k. I think, in french (Switzerland), the capital letters are without
> an accent. I will change these names in OSM.

IMHO I would leave what is -really- on the sign in name (abbreviations
expanded), and add the GWR value to "official_name"  if it is different
(only IMHO). But if the name on the sign doesn't have capital letters
with an accent it is clearly not necessary to add them.

> But, now I've found an other Problem:
> In Schmitten FR [1] is a road in GWR named as an short-name: F. X.
> M├╝llerstrasse.
> The real Name is "Franz Xaver M├╝llerstrasse". And in OSM it is named
> like this. Till now, I thinked, we shouldn't use short names in OSM. I
> hope, this is still right.
> The problem is: if other users see on the GWR-list some other shorten
> streetnames, it will be possible, that they will change the name that
> it match to the GWR-list.
There is a similar case in Wettingen (and I'm sure many more):

SIgn posted: Alb.-Zwyssigstrasse
Expanded (in name): Alberich-Zwyssigstrasse  (really not easy to guess)

I've added

alt_name: Alb.-Zwyssigstrasse


official_name: Alb. Zwyssigstrasse (for the GWR version of the name).

I wouldn't claim that it is a good solution, but at least it is clear to
somebody editing the object that everything is OK and that there is no
need to "fix" something. In the grand scheme of things there are not so
many such cases, so I beleive it is worth the effort to add the
additional name versions to the DB.


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