[talk-ch] hour-replicate switzerland

Beni Buess beni at benel.net
Fri Mar 16 17:52:28 CET 2012


there are now hourly diffs with data from switzerland provided at [1].
the diffs are ready at *:15 and contain the date from the
planet hourly diff provided at *:02 cut by the switzerland polygon.
the same diff is applied to the ch-xapi [2] db which is also used for
the didok-check map [3].

if some of you are going to use this, i'd be happy to hear about it.
please report any problems to this list or directly to me.

if you are going to use it on a regular basis to update your db and
have some money to spare, xiala.net would be very thankful [4].


[1] http://osm.xiala.net/diff/ch/hour-replicate/
[2] http://osm.xiala.net:8080/xapi/api/0.6/
[3] http://osm.xiala.net/didok-check/
[4] https://xiala.net/contribute/konto.html
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