[talk-ch] FWD: NOTICE: Upcoming Emergency Maintenance / Downtime

Sarah Hoffmann lonvia at denofr.de
Tue Mar 13 16:51:39 CET 2012

[Francais en bas / English below]

Hallo zusammen,

am Dienstag, den 20. März wird der OSM-API-Server von 14:45-17:15
wegen Wartungsarbeiten nicht verfügbar sein. Das betrifft alle
Editoren sowie alle Logins (forum, help, etc.) Details in
Englisch anbei.




le serveur principal de OSM ne sera pas accessible mardi prochain
20. mars de 14:45 a 17:15 pour raisons de maintenance. Ni les
editeurs, ni les sites web ou il faut un login (forum, help etc)
fonctionneront pendant cette periode. L'annonce en Anglais avec les
details est en bas.


Grant Slater<openstreetmap at firefishy.com> wrote:
> On Tuesday 20th of March 2012 between 13:45 and 16:15 (GMT / UTC) the
> primary database server will unavailable due to emergency maintenance.
> The following services WILL be affected:
> * www.openstreetmap.org web site will not allow user login or edits
> (Potlatch). [1]
> * API and map database editing (using JOSM, Merkaartor etc.) will be
> unavailable.
> * planet.openstreetmap.org will be available but no new diffs will be
> generated during the outage.
> * Forum (no logins)
> * trac (bug-tracker, no logins)
> * help.openstreetmap.org (no logins)
> Other services will NOT be affected - all of the following are
> expected to function normally:
> * tile serving ("View The Map" & "Export")
> * Wiki
> * Nominatim (search)
> * mailing lists
> * subversion and git (source code repositories)
> * donate.openstreetmap.org
> Technical: Database Server Smaug: Replacing faulty motherboard.
> Supplier Engineer Onsite. We have contingency hardware available.
> 1: Maps will still be viewable on the openstreetmap.org homepage and
> on other people's websites.
> Sincerely
> Grant Slater
> On behalf of the OpenStreetMap sysadmin team

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