[talk-ch] Gemeindefusion

Thomas Ineichen osm.mailinglist at t-i.ch
Mon Jan 2 15:47:21 CET 2012

Hi David

> According to a news article [1] (in german) the municipality (Gemeinde)
> of Belpberg [2] has been merged into the municipality of Belp 
> (Gemeindefusion) taking effect on 01.01.2012.

> Are such changes periodically imported from the Swisstopo dataset? If 
> yes, how should we handle such cases in the meantime?

The  data from Swisstopo does not have any "change sets", so importing
them  automatically  would  mean  to  delete  *all* old boundaries and
reimporting the whole new dataset.

But  there is a 'Historisiertes Gemeindeverzeichnis' where all changes
are documented:

> Is there a guide/tread somewhere (wiki?) how to proceed in this case?

The  changes for January (and September 2011) were done manually by me
- in an undocumented but more or less coherent way. :)

> The following steps come to mind:

> - change the places tag (place = village -> place=locality)
> - remove boundary admin level 9
> - adjust all addr:city tags?
> - adjust all addr:postcode tags?
> - adjust the entry in opengeodb?

Don't mix 'Gemeinde' with 'Ortschaft' bzw. 'Dorf'!

For  all the changes I observed, the old names don't disapear, neither
do the post codes. I created new boundary-relations with admin_level=9
for the former municipalities (admin_level=8).

OpenGeoDB  is  not  maintained  any  longer and consensus is (?), that
these tags can be deleted.


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