[talk-ch] Gemeindefusion

David Leutwyler dleutwyler at web.de
Mon Jan 2 14:26:42 CET 2012


According to a news article [1] (in german) the municipality (Gemeinde) 
of Belpberg [2] has been merged into the municipality of Belp 
(Gemeindefusion) taking effect on 01.01.2012.

Are such changes periodically imported from the Swisstopo dataset? If 
yes, how should we handle such cases in the meantime?

Is there a guide/tread somewhere (wiki?) how to proceed in this case?

The following steps come to mind:

- change the places tag (place = village -> place=locality)
- remove boundary admin level 9
- adjust all addr:city tags?
- adjust all addr:postcode tags?
- adjust the entry in opengeodb?

what else?


Have a good 2012.


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