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phono phono at dru.ch
Sun Jan 1 20:25:00 CET 2012

Hi Pascal,

A good place to discuss such things is the monthly meeting (Stammtisch) 
in Zürich which usually takes place on 11th every month near the bqm at ETH.
> 1. Administrative boundaries: around Albisriederplatz the boarders are 
> set as a separate way on top of the tramway way. It's very hard to 
> select the right one. Shouldn't that be merged to one way only? Or set 
> as relation?
> BTW there seems to be a problem with the boundaries anyway, as they 
> are not closed.
Administrative Boundaries are imported from an official data source. As 
they have nothing to do with tramways or other ways, they are treated 
separately. Dependent on what software you use for mapping, there are 
efficient ways to select overlapping ways.
> 2. How are pedestrian crossings supposed to be tagged, when the 
> highway lanes are separated and there is a tramway in between? Should 
> the lanes be connected or is it enough to simply put a crossing tag to 
> all the nodes crossed?
In my opinion, a tag on all nodes should be sufficient. Connecting the 
lanes by a footway or path is kind of micromapping which makes only 
sense if all sidewalks have been mapped.
> 3. I had to adjust some public transport relations due to the changes 
> I made. I noticed that there are always to relation per bus line (at 
> least for 33 and 72). Is that the way it's supposed to be?
There is a relation for each direction of the bus line. The 33 for 
example uses different ways near Wollishofen.

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