[talk-ch] Questions on tagging

Pascal Mages pascal at planetmages.ch
Sun Jan 1 18:38:53 CET 2012

Hi all

First of all: Happy New Year!
I have used some of my spare time to improve OSM around my area. A 
couple of questions came up I couldn't answer myself quickly using the 
OSM wiki or Google. So here you go:

1. Administrative boundaries: around Albisriederplatz the boarders are 
set as a separate way on top of the tramway way. It's very hard to 
select the right one. Shouldn't that be merged to one way only? Or set 
as relation?
BTW there seems to be a problem with the boundaries anyway, as they are 
not closed.

2. How are pedestrian crossings supposed to be tagged, when the highway 
lanes are separated and there is a tramway in between? Should the lanes 
be connected or is it enough to simply put a crossing tag to all the 
nodes crossed?

3. I had to adjust some public transport relations due to the changes I 
made. I noticed that there are always to relation per bus line (at least 
for 33 and 72). Is that the way it's supposed to be?

Pascal aka FreeMinded

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