[talk-ch] Bicycle parkings in Lausanne, Prilly and Epalinges

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Thu Sep 8 14:13:24 CEST 2011

On 06.09.2011 19:51, Stefan Keller wrote:
> In any case, before you loose motivation: How about doing some micromapping meanwhile :->?

Speaking of micromapping... :-) ... I recently participated in a surveillance of publicly accessible bicycle parkings in Lausanne, Prilly and Epalinges, so I do have data (I just made sure that I own it) in the form of geotagged photos describing their nature and the number of places. Where the individual places are packed to densely to be useful or where the supports are broken, only a part of them is counted. (There are some official guide lines on how to count bicycle parking places...) General two-wheel parking spots without bike supports were not counted in this surveillance.

I have no idea how bicycle parkings are supposed to look like on a "véritable plan de zone de bonne qualité" and I don't particularly care to find out. So if anyone should be interested in those photos, they are still online in Picasa, please help yourself:


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