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Mon Sep 5 02:53:02 CEST 2011

Hello everybody!

it's a bit unfortunate that I have to introduce myself on this mailing list in this way. But since Stéphane decided to publish our private exchange together with his interpretation, I would like to provide my point of view.

> Ce que je retiens de la discussion c'est qu'il méprise les
> contributions des autres et que les sienne par contre sont
> irréprochable.

I'm not quite sure how Stéphane arrives at this conclusion.

Judging from the way he is acting (or editing), it seems to be more the other way around. And I don't think that my contributions are so bad and faulty that they need Stéphane's constant attention, "corrections", and "improvements".

In some areas I played along with his wishes, but in general I find it rather tedious to have to juggle with three different parallel lines when I want to work on a highway. And especially in the absence of sufficiently precise information I see no point of doing so.

> Le point central de divergence c'est qu'il veut absolument que toutes
> les zones aillent jusqu'au centre des routes ce qui va a l’encontre
> d'un véritable plan de zone de bonne qualité comme [1].

I have neither the time nor any interest to make "all" zones look a certain way. Given the diversity of mappers, I don't think there will ever be a unique way of mapping.

However I was spending some time mapping with my mountainbike and GPS in and around the Bois du Jorat, a forest zone above Lausanne. And I do find it rather irritating that Stéphane insists now in having it look "his way", especially since I was still mapping in that area.

But as far as I am aware, Stéphane has contributed a copious amount of (new) information by tracing aerial images in and around Lausanne and has probably already contributed more to OSM than I ever will. My ambitions are far more modest. I only map areas and places that I know and care for. And most of all, I am doing this for fun. So with regard to Stéphane's undisputed merits in mapping the area around Lausanne, I decided to withdraw from that area to avoid further conflict and to allow Stéphane to have things looking whichever way it pleases him and based on whatever data sources seem trustworthy to him.

>From my point of view, the conflict is finished and doesn't need any further mediation.

Thorsten (Shernott)
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