[talk-ch] All those signposted routes

Sarah Hoffmann lonvia at denofr.de
Sat Oct 15 13:51:14 CEST 2011

On Sat, Oct 15, 2011 at 12:42:05PM +0200, Simon Poole wrote:
> We were discussing the network tag yesterday on #irc-ch and agreed that
> it doesn't make sense to repeat previous mistakes and that we should simply
> user national, regional, local (and probably international too).

'international' is not really necessary. If you want to know if it
crosses the border, download the borders and find out. Something
like 'continental' might be more intersting (i.e. that should be
a route that exceeds the national networks, not just a local one
between two tourism regions that happen to be on different
sides of a national boundary.)

> The relation 149011 should contain all of the routes in Switzerland,
> please see
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/EN:Switzerland/InlineNetwork



> (you should add route 66 too).
> Simon
> Am 15.10.2011 10:41, schrieb datendelphin:
> >Hi,
> >
> >Great! Very useful, thank you. Because of your announcement, I mapped
> >yesterday the beginning of route 66, Zentralschweiz Skate. It is
> >relation 1792047. Now I saw that a relation 149011 exists. Need I to add
> >it to this relation? looks like a bookmark to me, not that useful.
> >Also, what is with the network tag? again needed for national/local
> >distinguishing? But the other relations still carry the cycling network
> >tag. perhaps replace the ncn with national and rcn with regional?
> >
> >Anyway, very nice work. Hope to see more skating routes soon.
> >
> >Datendelphin
> >
> >On 13.10.2011 17:58, Sarah Hoffmann wrote:
> >>Hi,
> >>
> >>after some more tweaking of the server, I am now able to offer maps
> >>for all waymarked routes in Switzerland (well, apart from the canoe
> >>routes. Are they even signposted?). You'll find them here:
> >>
> >>Hiking:          http://hiking.lonvia.de
> >>Bicycle:         http://cycling.lonvia.de
> >>Mountain-biking: http://mtb.lonvia.de
> >>Inline skating:  http://skating.lonvia.de
> >>
> >>As usual, all maps are overlays for the standard Mapnik map
> >>and are updated once daily. (MTB and inline skating are still
> >>in beta-testing state, so please tell me, if something doesn't
> >>work.)
> >>
> >>The tagging for the first three kinds of routes should be quite
> >>clear. Use route=hiking/bicycle/mtb and the usual tags for the
> >>Swiss Mobile Network (see also OSM Wiki).
> >>
> >>Inline skating, however, is another matter. There are only about
> >>a dozen relations world-wide in the database and every mapper
> >>managed to come up with a different route tag. In Switzerland,
> >>the inline skating route are still tagged with route=bicycle
> >>(for the renderer, I was told).
> >>
> >>So, basically, we can invent a shiny new value for route, if we
> >>want. For the moment, I have decided to go with route=inline_skates
> >>because it is used most (well, 4 times). Would that be ok?
> >>
> >>If there are no objections or other suggestions, I would change
> >>the route tag of the existing routes and also remove the 'IS'
> >>from the ref, as this was only used to distinguish them from
> >>cycle routes.
> >>
> >>Gruss
> >>
> >>Sarah
> >>
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