[talk-ch] Anonymous Edits in Switzerland

Sarah Hoffmann lonvia at denofr.de
Fri Nov 11 09:45:44 CET 2011


as already discussed on yesterday's Stammtisch, I have made a simple
page that shows all nodes in Switzerland that have been created by
anonymous users:

(Careful, big file. Loads _really_ slow and may even crash
 your browser on older machines.)

The page is updated once daily.

For these edits there is very little chance, that the creators will
ever agree to ODbL/CTs, so this data needs to be remapped sooner or

Before you now go and delete all the data, please, keep two things
in mind:

- The map only shows the nodes but the ways that go along these
  nodes are, of course, tainted as well. So, you will need to
  remap the nodes _and_  ways that are made up by the nodes.
- Don't just copy the old data but take the opportunity to improve it.
  Go out and survey the area again and fix a few errors along the way. 
	Check if there are maybe better aerial photos available now that 
	will improve accuracy, etc.
	In any case, you cannot simply make a copy of the old data and
	be done with it. You must have an independend source for the
	replacement data.

Happy mapping


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