[talk-ch] Baselland bus/tram mixup

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Thu Oct 21 21:24:15 CEST 2010

 Hi Andrew

Usually, the algorithm considers bus and tram the same type. This is
because in most places, didok does not make a difference between bus
stops and tram stops. But Basel seems the exception. I will make an
exception for the matching, that "BLT Auto" will only match bus stops.

But it won't work in most places, because I "group" the OSM stops before
I make the matching. And I can't make the exception for the grouping,
because OSM stops seldom have an operator entry. It would need a very
different algorithm to handle just this exception, so I say we make it
by hand.


On 19.10.2010 19:00, Andrew Lunn wrote:
> Hi Folks
> It seems there has been a mix up in Baselland with buses and trams.
> e.g.
> http://osm.lonvia.de/didok.html?zoom=17&lat=47.493&lon=7.58992&layers=BT
> The BLT Auto point has been connected to the OSM tram stop, and the
> BLT point has been left disconnected.
> same as:
> http://osm.lonvia.de/didok.html?zoom=17&lat=47.50137&lon=7.61946&layers=BT
> etc.
> Is it possible to globally change BLT auto to type bus and re-run the
> matching algorithm?
> 	 Thanks
> 		Andrew
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