[talk-ch] Import OpenAdresses

Thomas Ineichen osm.mailinglist at t-i.ch
Thu Mar 18 10:06:48 CET 2010

Hello St├ęphane,

> I understand your opinion about the licence, but in in Lausanne we have
> an orthophoto than I put it on the building mapped on with the
> orthophoto. Than I think thats OK.

> But for the others places should I remove them ?

Yes,  if  it's  derived  from  the Lausanneois Ortophoto, it should be
covered by their licence.

I  just  contacted OpenAddresses through e-mail to ask for their point
of  view  (e.g.  if  they have a contract with google). If they do not
respond  or  their view does not correspond with ours (i.e. they think
it's not a derivative work), I think we should delete that data.


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