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Thomas Ineichen osm at t-i.ch
Fri Jun 11 16:38:18 CEST 2010

Hi Simon,

>> That's a Swiss question indeed, as most other countries only know   
>> sign 2.13 (car and motorcycle). I would tag 2.13 as motorcar=no and  
>>   motorcycle=no and 2.14 as motor_vehicle=no.
>> Maybe a better way would be to tag 2.13 as motor_vehicle=no,    
>> moped/mofa=yes, as it is not yet clear if moped/mofa is a child of   
>>  motorcycle or not.

> http://www.admin.ch/ch/d/sr/741_21/a19.html
> http://www.admin.ch/ch/d/sr/741_21/app2.html
> Motorcycle definitely does not include mofa (Motorfahrrad).

Sorry, I probably wasn't clear enough in that point:

I meant it's not clear in the OSM-hierarchy, whether motorcycle  
includes mofas or not.

We either need a clear international hierarchy (and there mofa will be  
a child of motorcycle) or we ned national hierarchies. But as there  
are (in Switzerland) relatively few motorcar&motorcycle sings, I would  
vote for motor_vehicle=no & mofa=yes.


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