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Claude Philipona claude.philipona at camptocamp.com
Fri Jul 17 13:35:13 CEST 2009

I did send a message to Jesko Schaper (Swisstopo) to ask if OSM could
be included somehow in the workshop.


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Right now I was pointed to this event
English invitation (from the same site): http://tinyurl.com/n7em9m

Among others Google participates, OSM not. Didn't "OSM" know about this
event or is participation undesirable? If the ladder is not the case, could
OSM still take part this year (not as attendand, but as tutor or such)? If
not this year, then in the coming or at the next event?

More details:

No participation fee, the language of the workshop is English.

Translation of the page:
| From 20. to 21. August 2009 swisstopo with EuroSDR organizes the first
| EuroSDR Workshop to the subject "Crowd Sourcing for Updating National
| Databases" in Wabern. With the background of new technologies at the
| web, especially collaboration via Internet, current aspects of user
| generated mapcontent and datasets and its usage for datatracing will
| be discussed.

| Workshop topics:
|   - Web 2.0 technologies and communities
|   - User acceptance
|   - Data management
|   - Quality issues
|   - Legal tasks
|   - Advantages and Challenges for NMCA's

malenki, hoping the translation isn't too bad :)

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