[talk-ch] Access-Restrictions

Joerg joerg.maillist at gmx.net
Mon Aug 17 23:35:19 CEST 2009

datendelphin wrote:
> I only am of the opinion, that it should say foot=designated (same
> applies for 2.63.1) because it is also on the blue sign. Following
> the logic that blue sign = designated

I would agree that for 2.63 and 2.63 foot=designated could be better
than foot=yes.

> And for horses: Note that [2] SSV 33,1 does not disallow any other
> traffic on cycleways, therefor horses are allowed? It's kind of odd.

Yes, it's odd. But according this logic even cars would be allowed on
cycleways which can't be the case. Therefore I would assume that a
judge would rule that horses and cars are not allowed on cycleways.
But the text in the law is not clear about this.


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