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For example on cycleway you change foot and horse to yes, and so one, is
there any reason of that ?


datendelphin a écrit :
> Hello
> I made some changes to the Wiki site. Here my reasoning:
> Trunk roads and motorways should be the same for access
> restrictions/routing. They differ only in irrelevant points. The most
> prominent being that the lanes must not be separated physically with a
> railing. For routing, you probably will never have a trunk road and a
> motorway side by side anyway, that this precedence would be relevant.
> Then for Bridleway and cycleway, use of those two types for
> bicycle/horse and foot is not prohibited. Only one rule applies (but
> thats already clear I think) That if there is for example a cycleway,
> cyclists have to use it. But that is clear with the designation already.
> For foot ways, things are not so clear. I think, usually ways which have
> a ban of driving sign (the red circle, white center  sign) are tagged as
> foot ways. But this sign specifically does not hold for horses, see:
> http://www.admin.ch/ch/d/sr/741_21/a2.html [de]
> http://www.admin.ch/ch/f/rs/741_21/a2.html [fr]
> But it really depends on what is tagged as a foot way, and I think that
> is still a huge mess. Still I think it is safe to assume that horses are
> allowed.
> Feel free to revert things where you do not agree with my arguments.
> datendelphin
> Stéphane Brunner wrote:
>> Hello !
>> I just add the Switzerland in the Access-Restrictions page,
>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_tags_for_routing/Access-Restrictions#Switzerland
>> If there is a mistake please correct it.
>> CU
>> Stéph
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