[talk-ch] OpenStreetMap shapefile editing

Marc M. marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 30 19:35:25 CET 2023


Le 29.01.23 à 21:30, Tsolmongerel Orkhonselenge a écrit :
> I would like to edit some of the roads as not passable (i.e. either 
> access=no or maxspeed=0) for vehicle routing.

note that none of those tag doesn't describe a not-passable road
for vehicle routing. I say this because this data could one day be 
useful to osm so we might as well use the right tags to facilitate reuse.

vehicle=no or motor_vehicle=no would be a less bad choice (but
that describe a sign)
if the way is impassable because it is too narrow, highway=path
if it is because of the presence of holes/pebbles smoothness=very_horrible

> which software I should use to create osm.pbf file from edited shapefile or shapefiles?

my answer may not be what you want, but I will do so:
- upload it to osm, wait 1 minute and retrieve the diff
and if you want to keep the edit private, create a diff (increse version 
number, copy previous tag and add your own
- run any tool that can update a pbf from a diff for ex osmosis


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