[talk-ch] Swiss Topo Surface 3D not working anymore on JOSM

David Haberthür email at davidhaberthuer.ch
Mon Sep 12 10:31:42 CEST 2022

Ciao a tutti

Am 08.09.2022 20:22, schrieb yvecai:
> Effectively, there is something wrong on JOSM.
> In JOSM, you can also use the WMTS service, this works well and it's
> less processing on the provider server :
> tms:https://wmts.geo.admin.ch/1.0.0/ch.swisstopo.swissalti3d-reliefschattierung/default/current/3857/{z}/{x}/{y}.png

I think this change here in the JOSM list of imageries should take care 
of this change: 


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