[talk-ch] Connecting hw=platform/public_transport=platform

michael spreng (datendelphin) mailinglist at osm.datendelphin.net
Mon Oct 31 18:16:12 CET 2022

Hi Christopher

The public_transport=platform or highway=bus_stop is where you wait. And 
in most cases, there is at least a post to signal where to wait. So for 
me, the tag for the sign is public_transport=platform / 
highway=bus_stop. Problem with in the road: you don't know for which 
direction it is, or which side to wait on.

Of course you can also map the point on the road, which is 
public_transport=stop_position. Though I don't know when I would be 
interested in that info as a public transport rider. Maybe in some 
special train cases where two different trains stop at the same platform 
at the same time, one on the south end and the other on the north end.

I'm not a native English speaker, but I doubt that platform could be 
interpreted to mean the painted area on the road. You are not supposed 
to wait there, on the road. Rather besides the road. Of course, the 
opinionated mapper used the yellow road marking for drawing his 
platforms to the side of them, for reasons I can not comprehend.


On 31/10/2022 16:06, Christopher Beddow wrote:
> Grüezi!
> I have edited in my area (Arth-Goldau, Schwyz) to integrate platforms 
> into sidewalks so the sidewalk is continuous with a section of it being 
> the bus platform at times. I may be totally wrong and I ask anyone to 
> check my work here.
> In my view the bus stops should often be a node in the road, since the 
> bus is stopping there, and next to it is good for adding nodes like a 
> sign, a shelter, bench, etc. I am not sure if platform refers to the 
> literal painted area on the road where the bus stops or is a pedestrian 
> area where people stand when waiting to board. If the latter, to me that 
> is applicable to a train station, but not to most bus stations since the 
> people stand on what is physically a sidewalk, most often.

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