[talk-ch] Connecting hw=platform/public_transport=platform

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Mon Oct 31 09:12:43 CET 2022

Hi Marcel

highway=platform is often wrong for bus stops. Usually, the stop is 
integrated into the sidewalk. A platform should be connected to the road 
network, otherwise it's a routing island.

Unfortunately, there was a very opinionated mapper some time ago (no 
longer active), who really liked this messed up way of mapping. And 
generally, there is no clear consensus for public transport mapping 

So feel free to improve it. In my opinion, best to replace the way with 
a node besides the road (except if it really is a highway=platform like 
the terminal at the train station, and not just a raised side walk). But 
that is just my opinion and not universally shared.


On 31/10/2022 08:03, Marcel Ottiger wrote:
> Hi,
> Does it make sense to connect hw=platform/public_transport=platform to the road network?
> I started some footway mapping in Lucerne a couple of weeks ago and encountered dozens of platforms which are not connected. I also found some CS which connected the rail platforms to the network.
> How do we map bus platforms in Switzerland? On the kerb? On the sidewalk? In the middle of the highways? Elsewhere?
> Cheers,
> Marcel
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