[talk-ch] Farm Shops and produce vs product vs vending

Marc M. marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 18 18:53:27 CET 2022

Le 18.11.22 à 15:54, Christian Egli a écrit :
> So my entries so far all use the product tag like product=bread;fruit
> Thoughts, comments?

there is no product=fruit, fruit is unprocessed/raw food.

1) unprocessed/raw food :
farmland, orchard, farms produce grain, vegetables, fruit, livestock
and what is produced by animals (honey, eggs, milk)
-> produce=vegetable;fruit;beef;egg;honey;milk; potato

2) processed products :
food factories or artisanal "factories" transform these unprocessed raw 
foods into other (processed) products such as mead, cheese, Chips

3) selling
in a shop=supermarket or shop=farme, these products are sold
-> vending=*

4) the grey zone: this only concerns products that are not very little 
processed products :
e.g. a farmer who makes jars with his vegetables, it is probably 
acceptable to put produce=* on the landuse=farmyard or on the building. 
if he makes jam, it is a processed product which also requires a 
processed product (sugar), it is the grez zone

some real examples that I have dealt with or plan to deal with:
- a farmer has an orchard. he sells apples and apple alcohol. (he 
doesn't produce the alcohol, the distillery does) -> produce=apple for 
the landuse=orchard and on vending=apple;alcohol on the shop=farm.
on the distillery product=alcohol
- a beef farmer: produce=beef on the dedicated part of his farm. 
vending=beef on his shop=farm


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