[talk-ch] Local rules for Wikidata/Wikipedia

Marc M. marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 14 09:09:07 CET 2022


Le 13.11.22 à 21:47, Imagoiq a écrit :
>   1) Do we have local rules for Wikidata/Wikipedia

my reply isn't about local rule :)
>  1. Do you expect wikipedia tag to present if possible or is linking
>     with just wikidata considered as OK?
>  2. Do you expect wikidata tag to present if possible or is linking with
>     just wikipedia considered as OK?

osm is made with human readable strings and the first "rule" goes 
against it. i have no problem with an object having a WP tag without 
wikidata tag.

however, i think that there is no interest to report a "wikidata without 
wikipedia" nor a "wikipedia without wikipedia" to a human, it's a 
non-problem that doesn't deserve to spend time on it in my eyes, the 
user of the data who would like to use one or the other knows easily to 
find the other element if it is missing.
I have no objection to a mechanical edition that would add the missing 
tag but I don't see any point in it either, the one who uses the data 
should add it at that moment to take into account the new cases.

>   2) Automation for some "obvious" edits
> Do you see something that is clearly wrong and that 
> should be edited? Do you have something against that?

I'm in favour of automated corrections when possible.
However, I haven't looked at the list of what he's proposing,
and at the guideline level, if he wants to make a mechanical edition,
he might as well announce it while respecting the rules.


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