[talk-ch] Local rules for Wikidata/Wikipedia

Imagoiq imagoiq at posteo.net
Sun Nov 13 21:47:56 CET 2022

Hi everyone,

I saw the other day the tool from Mateusz Koniecszny 
<https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Mateusz%20Konieczny> called 
in the WeeklyOSM newsletter and contributed to fix reported issues a bit 
during the last two weeks (and I'm not the only one, thanks all, we went 
from ~280 issues to 50).

  1) Do we have local rules for Wikidata/Wikipedia

When I asked Mateusz to update the tool (it's done manually), he took 
the opportunity to ask if Switzerland have some local specific rules 
regarding Wikipedia and Wikidata. He especially asks :

 1. Do you expect wikipedia tag to present if possible or is linking
    with just wikidata considered as OK?
 2. Do you expect wikidata tag to present if possible or is linking with
    just wikipedia considered as OK?

Do you have an opinion about that? For me, I'm tempted to say that the 
second statement is OK, but not the first one.

  2) Automation for some "obvious" edits

Some errors reported by his validator (and listed on a special page 
are so clear that he proposed to have a bot to to fix them in an 
automated way. Do you see something that is clearly wrong and that 
should be edited? Do you have something against that?

Best regards,

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