[talk-ch] Micromapping extreme

Yves ycai at mailbox.org
Sun Jun 26 17:44:03 CEST 2022

Looks nice to me, in such meadows I've also seen micromappers adding a lot of singular natural=tree.
That doesn't bother me, for outdoor use this gives a good idea on how it looks on the ground.
Plus, with such level of detail, one can't really be afraid to see the database explosing with node: it takes so much time!

Le 26 juin 2022 16:20:38 GMT+02:00, Kt47uo5uVzW <kt47uo5uVzW at protonmail.com> a écrit :
>Hi all
>I noticed today that in large parts of the Valais forests are mapped up to the tree tops. So extremely detailed. Example:
>(check it in satellite view)
>What do you think about it? Does this still make sense?
>The user is still mapping in this way.
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