[talk-ch] Bus Stop Tagging Guildlines - Help wanted

Sascha Brawer sascha at brawer.ch
Wed Jul 13 08:38:35 CEST 2022

> Points [tagged with highway=bus_stop or public_transport=platform]
> are still better supported by data consumers [than lines].

Curious, which consumers specifically? Are there pending feature requests?

— Sascha

Am Di., 12. Juli 2022 um 21:39 Uhr schrieb michael spreng (datendelphin) <
mailinglist at osm.datendelphin.net>:

> Hi
> Just wanted to add: didok.osm.ch pulls the list from opentransportdata
> weekly.
> About the mapping: the highway=bus_stop or public_transport=platform are
> the most important feature. Both are interchangeable and regularly cause
> heated debate. Map it as a point besides the road, even though
> sovereign_ch mapped everything as lines. Points are still better
> supported by data consumers.
> I usually don't map the routes, because it is just so much more work.
> And the scheme is so complicated. For data consumers I think it would
> make more sense to load the routes (not the stops) from
> opentransportdata for the foreseeable future. But of course you are free
> to map them in OSM.
> At the cost of slightly annoying other mappers with tons of relations on
> certain ways ;)
> If a workshop/gathering is organized, I would gladly present the
> didok.osm.ch tool for mapping and QA.
> Michael
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