[talk-ch] Switzerland-specific tagging of schools

Toggenburger Lukas Lukas.Toggenburger at fhgr.ch
Sat Jan 8 21:38:27 CET 2022

Dear list

I recently thought about creating a Switzerland-specific tagging scheme that would allow to specify the different kinds of school that exist in Switzerland. Wikipedia [1] gives a good introduction:  However, it is incomplete, as [2] shows (it lists 39 types of educations one can achieve in Switzerland). I tried to create a summary and some tagging ideas at [3], but got a bit stuck. I encountered several stumbling blocks:

1. Instead of tagging schools, it might make more sense to tag diplomas one can achieve. E.g. at a vocational school (Berufsfachschule, ehemals Berufsschule) you can do your diploma (vocational baccalaureate ("Berufsmaturität")) _during_ your vocational training or _afterwards_.

2. The name of a school does not clearly indicate the diploma you will achieve: E.g. at [4] (Fachmaturitätsschule FMS) one can achieve a "Fachmittelschulausweis" (giving access to PET college (HF)) and later on one can achieve a "Fachmaturitätszeugnis" (giving access to university of applied science (FH)).

3. The same type of diploma can be achieved at different schools: Example: [5] "Berufsmaturität" can be achieved at "Berufsfachschule", "Handelsmittelschule", "Informatikmittelschule".

Are others interested in defining such a Switzerland-specific tagging scheme? I can think of several different strategies:

a. Define types of school (e.g. "Berufsfachschule") and their tags
b. Define types of diplomas (e.g. "Berufsmaturität") and their tags
c. Group together several schools/diplomas, e.g. based on their ISCED level, see [6]
d. Define tags for only the most important (i.e. frequent) schools (preferably in a way that won't hinder more detailed mapping later on)

I'm a bit hesitant too define a catch-all, super-detailed tagging scheme, because I fear it will be both hard to map (correctly/completely) and also hard to use for data consumers.

What do you think?

Also, is there someone who has a bit of in-depth knowledge of ISCED? E.g. regarding the difference between ISCED-P and ISCED-A?

Best regards


[1] https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bildungssystem_in_der_Schweiz#Schulstufen
[2] http://uis.unesco.org/sites/default/files/documents/iscmap_che_2020.xlsx
[3] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Skorbut
[4] https://www.edubs.ch/schullaufbahn/fms
[5] https://www.zh.ch/de/bildung/schulen/maturitaetsschule/berufsmaturitaetsschule.html
[6] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Standard_Classification_of_Education

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