[talk-ch] New Membership Outreach

Marc M. marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 30 13:49:35 CEST 2022


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Le 30.08.22 à 11:27, Simon Poole a écrit
:> Am 29.08.2022 um 19:52 schrieb Christopher Beddow:

 >> Aha thanks Simon, and agreed, too much stuff becomes too much work.
 >> The new message goes to the OSM Inbox?

 > Yes, and there's currently no alternative.

I participated in the welcome of newcomers to France.
There we put the welcome message on the changeset, the advantage was
to be able to do this with several people and see who had already 
received the message. but here you can do this yourself, which
limits the interest of the message on the changeset.

 > The larger challenge is that the novelty of OpenStreetMap has worn off

For new audiences, I think you have to meet their needs.
and one of the main needs that Google Mps and other proprietary 
solutions meet is address search and guidance:
- promote end-user applications (OsmAnd, Qwant, ...)
- make all addr available to end-user
I was just discussing yesterday with other contributors
about creating an osm+addr opendata pbf. it would be practical
to be able to make a file for OsmAnd
- try to make openstreetmap presentations in regions
that don't have existing local groups.
- have osm used for example for the map of the municipalities
- accompanying (review, talk, ...) the newcomers increases
the chances that they will continue.


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