[talk-ch] New Membership Outreach

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Tue Aug 30 11:27:42 CEST 2022

Am 29.08.2022 um 19:52 schrieb Christopher Beddow:
> Aha thanks Simon, and agreed, too much stuff becomes too much work. 
> The new message goes to the OSM Inbox?

Yes, and there's currently no alternative. Most editors will indicate 
that you have unread messages, so it doesn't entirely rely on e-mail 
working for notification. There are a couple of open issues for the 
rails-port on potential improvements to the messaging system, but that's 
a bit out of scope here.

One thing to note is that we historically haven't promoted becoming a 
SOSM member in a big way. On the one hand we've always wanted to avoid 
the impression that you need to participate in organized activities to 
contribute to OSM, on the other hand, as I mentioned, we've always 
understood ourselves as a service organisation and that doesn't really 
require mass membership. More members would clearly be good, in 
particular more active members, but that leads to the same dilemma as 
being active in the OSMF and OSMF working groups. Either you need to 
spend more time on OSM or it takes away from mapping which is likely why 
you started being a regular OSM contributor in the first place.

The larger challenge is that the novelty of OpenStreetMap has worn off, 
naturally totally expected and compounded by OSM being a success and in 
a sense "winning". This makes contacts with governments, other 
organisations and the industry far easier, but on the other hand has 
reduced media coverage in Switzerland to a trickle over recent years, 
making it difficult to get the message out to a larger audience.


> On Mon, Aug 29, 2022, 19:51 Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch> wrote:
>     Since nearly a decade new mappers in Switzerland get a welcome
>     message pointing them to the mailing list, relevant social media
>     accounts (since a couple of months including a FP page), the wiki
>     and the SOSM website.
>     Other activities include regular presence at conferences and
>     similar events, joint projects with WMF Switzerland and other
>     organisations with similar aims (chopen, opendata.ch
>     <http://opendata.ch> etc.) and promoting OSM in a educational
>     context (https://openschoolmaps.ch/).
>     We currently don't promote the existing forum as we don't want to
>     split limited resources over too many places, once the existing
>     forum has been migrated to the new service, it may make sense to
>     regroup around the Discourse service, but there are pro and cons
>     to that and in the end the Swiss community will need to come to a
>     consensus on that.
>     I'm not going to go in to details on all the services SOSM offers,
>     but I will point out that we  see our main role in promoting OSM
>     and providing services to the community, not in banging the drum
>     for SOSM itself.
>     Simon
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