[talk-ch] New Membership Outreach

Christopher Beddow christopher.beddow at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 19:02:24 CEST 2022

After the FOSS4G conference in Firenze, I realize I met many people who are
in Z├╝rich and maybe some other parts of Switzerland but not part of the
SOSM community.

What is the best way to point people to a welcome resource or give some
kind of invite to join discussions?

Should we consider any additional channels?

Previously I proposed making a Facebook page (not group) which serves as a
good way for me to use some advertising credit to promote the page to
demographics in Switzerland as an advertisement. But ideally that's not the
central place just a pointer toward mailing list and other places.

Is there any newsletter that may be more consolidated than the mailing list
(could link to top mailing list topics).

I am still new but definitely interested to have a good link to send to
people to get more involved if they are totally unfamiliar with mailing
lists and need a point of entry.
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