[talk-ch] Cantonal Projects of the Month

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Thu Aug 25 23:08:19 CEST 2022

Not for the 1st time: please start a new thread when you are starting a 
new topic.

Anyway, that the Ticino is quite under mapped is a long term issue (and 
there are some clear reasons for it). From a bang for the buck pov I 
would likely concentrate on adding addresses in Lugano and Bellinzona as 
these are the largest cities (in the whole country) with very very 
little coverage (15 and 7%), not sure what the POI, speed limit and 
access coverage looks like but probably not good either. Mapillary 
coverage could help with the later two.

Mapping rustici wouldn't be high on my list of things to do, but YMMV.

SOSM has been thinking about having a larger event in TI for a while, 
but covid has thrown a bit of a spanner in to the original planning. We 
do have a potential location and are likely going to revive the idea for 
next year.


Am 25.08.2022 um 14:07 schrieb Sentalize:
> How about cantonal projects? I'm atm working in the Tessin and ..... 
> boy does this Canton need help...... it's state is mind numbingly bad 
> :) It's a nightmare to map, too, since the rustici are very irregular 
> and connect into all directions with each other, there's a million 
> dead/ruined buildings in the forests (visible by LIDAR) and a lot of 
> the Cantone has obviously been mapped on very old, imprecise 
> Sat/Airfotos.
> IMHO, it'd make sense, if a lot of mappers would throw themselves at a 
> Cantone in this state in a project of the month as well?
> Cheers,
> Philippe
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