[talk-ch] editor conflict

Oreg2 gero.spammann at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 17:17:27 CEST 2022

Hi all,

I could use your advice how to resolve a conflict with another editor.

Three weeks ago I recorded a few GPS traces of hiking paths in the 
Bergell / Bregaglia valley and used them to create relations for the Via 
Panoramica (relation 14414965) and the Via Bregaglia (relation 14425116) 
with a variant via Bondo (relation 14425264), all according to the 
physical signposts on the ground.

When I looked again a couple of weeks later I found that my Via 
Panoramica had been deleted and my Via Bregaglia changed in a massive 
changeset (124772603) touching 157 ways, 27 relations and 236 nodes, 
with no source or explanation. There are two new "Sentiero Panoramico" / 
"Via Panoramica" relations (14449302 and 14449306), neither of which 
conforms to my survey trace nor the official Switzerland Mobility map. 
I'm not sure what has changed in the Via Bregaglia relations. A number 
of tags have been dropped from all of the above relations, others 
replaced by, in my view, incorrect ones.

(I had actually added another Via Bregaglia relation according to the 
tourist office website. From this, all but one member were dropped. But 
that website has multiple contradictory maps and descriptions, so I 
don't trust it and don't mind too much that this relation was 
practically deleted.)

So I started a discussion of the changeset with its editor: 
https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/124772603 I tried not to ask 
everything at once, so didn't even get to the missing tags, yet. But you 
can see how the discussion has been going. After two responses the other 
editor seems to have fallen silent. I'd give him a few more days, though.

I do not see any indication how his changes were improvements over my 
work. What I would like to get to is have my Via Panoramica relation and 
the dropped tags restored. Ideally, I could convince the other editor to 
do this but I'm not too optimistic.

What do you think? How should I proceed?
(Feel free to respond in German if you prefer.)

Thanks for any advice,

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